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Sunny Benflower

Seven years old and extremely observant, she looks to others to figure out how the world works. She knows the ranch is barely scraping by, and wants to do what she can to help. It's a lot for a little kid.

She looks to the knowledge of those around her to figure out the world; about nature and tracking from Kefke, organization of the household from her Grandmother, and she will read any book Cierro has on him at the time.

She has a collection of spare metal parts, like screws and bolts she finds. Parts like these aren't standardized, and she knows she can sell them someday for a good price.

She's a very intelligent sensitive kid, and is one of the first to mouth right back to Straygo's remarks. Other interests include: taking care of chickens, taking things apart and reassembling them, reading, cooking, and learning about healing herbs with her grandma. Back to the Cast Page
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