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Ravens, of all sorts.

Thousands of years ago, Ravens already had civilizations in the great forests, wooden cities at the very top of the trees. Eventually, they began trading with the traveling bands of Haori (humans), and found ways to make use of their greater physical strength. Their influence helped the Haori to build some of their first permanent dwellings, and the Ravens built their own houses on top of them. Ravens have brought a lot of technological advancement to the Haori, but it hasn't always been on fair terms. Their have been great atrocities committed by both sides, but for now, there is a period of peace.

The Haori and Birkan point of view:
There are lots of Ravens with big hearts, but still, they are kind of weird. Every time they come up with something really great, like the mail, you find out about something kind of strange, like putting their dead in a box with chemicals to preserve their bodies. Are they going to eat them later or something? Eating them seems disrespectful enough, but putting it off for later is really, really bad.

Some Raven inventions include: the postal system, the Theory of Evolution, paper, telescopes, chemistry, tiny tiny hats, compasses, basic medicine in the Western sense, serving toast with alcohol, and the most distressing thing of all, paperwork. Back to the Cast Page
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