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All Miracles Have A Price for Monday, October 30th, 2006 Written and illustrated by Harris O'Malley


I'm in the middle of working on new projects that are costing me a fair bit of money. In order to defray those costs, I am holding a sale. All the art on my site are available as prints of varying sizes. All of them are on acid-free, heavyweight matte paper and signed by the artist (me). Sizes may vary slightly depending on image.

8"x10": $15.00

10"x15": $20

12"x18": $30

12"x18" - archival quality : $50

I am selling copies of the print version of Miracles for $10; each copy sold comes autographed. If you want it personalized, I am also happy to do so.

Prints of the pages are also available (prints only; there are no originals, per say) for $15 each.

I am also open to commissions. Price will vary depending on size and complexity.

Drop me a line and let me know about which print and size. Visit the store at studiounderhill.com over the next few days for a streamlined process.

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