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The Jules-Verne saga


Armelle Clecy
A shy Martian living near Dome 38, First District, South Mars, Armelle finds herself more than happy to escape her dreary life with her two mothers on the once-thriving, now-falling apart colony. ... more
Roger Sorral
Roger Sorral, a.k.a The Weasel, is the Supply and Maintenance officer of the Jules-Verne. He has a lot on his arms to keep the ship from disintegrating. ... more
Anton Kurian
The commanding officer of the Jules-Verne (sober in this picture). Short temper, alcoholic, incompetent. The bane of his hapless crew. ... more
Georges Ederil
The comfortable medical officer onboard, he devotes himself to the crew. He lost his son at the Blockade disaster. ... more
MariJo Alfonso
Answering to the delicate name of Marilina Josephte Alfonso, the Jules-Verne Second officer has reached her ceiling in terms of rank. Her prickly character hasn't helped her making friends. ... more
Story and art by Michèle Laframboise
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A science-fiction lover since childhood, Michele Laframboise creates complex stories filled with adventure, humor and wonder. ... full profile