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The Jules-Verne saga

Armelle Clecy

A shy Martian born near Dome 38, First District, South Mars, Armelle (shown here in her mauve period) lives with her two biological mothers, proud artist Raphella Clecy (Mom) and stout warrior Hermance Hilaire (Pom).
Cursed by the low gravity with brittle bones, Armelle has develop a shrinking-violet, overly cautious nature. She hates her mousy brown hair and die it when she can.
She dreams of escaping her dreary life on the once-thriving, now-falling apart colony... and then, someone's got to pay for heat and air! Back to the Cast Page
Story and art by Michèle Laframboise
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A science-fiction lover since childhood, Michele Laframboise creates complex stories filled with adventure, humor and wonder. ... full profile