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The Jules-Verne saga

Anton Kurian

The commanding officer of the Jules-Verne.
Short-tempered, alcoholic, incompetent. The bane of his hapless crew.

The crew despises him for his role in a crushing defeat of the Blocus that left the Gayan Alliance reeling.

Nineteen standard years before, he fled the Ark Blockade Battle as soon as the engagement began. From more than thirty Aries-class ships, his was the only one to return. Nevertheless, the Council was lenient, grounding him for three years.

On watch, his favorite activity is harassing his subordinates, deflecting attention from his own incompetence.

Kurian either spends his off hours in the gym doing mindless exercises, or in his quarters, drinking heavily.

Inebriated or sober, he is very dangerous. Besides his uniform's special fibers protect him from any metal blade. Don't ever try to attack him from behind. E-ver. Back to the Cast Page
Story and art by Michèle Laframboise
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