Supernatural Law

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Alanna Wolff
The founding partner of the law firm of Wolff & Byrd, Alanna Wolff has been interested in the supernatural since a childhood incident that turned her hair white. Alanna received her degree from Kings County Law School in downtown Brooklyn, New York. ... more
Jeff Byrd
Jeff received his degree from Kings County Law School in downtown Brooklyn. It was there that he first encountered Alanna Wolff and became aware that sometimes supernatural beings need representation. ... more
Mavis Munro, self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Secretary," serves as Wolff & Byrd's office manager. ... more
Desmond Vaughn
Desmond Vaughn recently joined Wolff & Byrd as the receptionist. A native of Los Angeles, Desmond moved to the Big Apple to see where life will take him. ... more
Supporting Cast: Chase Hawkins Dawn DeVine Dr, Colin Frankenstein Harriet Beryl Ian McBurney Mary Lou Henderson Roberta Bronski
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