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Alanna Wolff

The founding partner of the law firm of Wolff & Byrd, Alanna Wolff has been interested in the supernatural since a childhood incident that turned her hair white. It also helped that her father was a judge in the small upstate New York town of Cobwebb. She and her sister, Corey, were raised by their father.

Alanna received her degree from Kings County Law School in downtown Brooklyn, New York. It was while at Kings County that she first met Jeff Byrd, a fellow student, and had her first encounter with a supernatural legal case (which you can learn all about in the comic book one-shot Supernatural Law 101). Upon graduation, she set up her own practice, specializing in a unique clientele: monsters and the supernaturally afflicted.

A few years into her practice Alanna once again encountered her old law school classmate Jeff Byrd. With a growing caseload, she invited Jeff to join her in the firm. Since then, she has taken on the responsibility of main litigator while Jeff does much of the research.

Alanna lives in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which until recently she shared with her sister, Corey, who for a while served as reception at the law firm. Back to the Cast Page
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