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Jeff Byrd

Son of Charles and Rae Byrd, Jeff grew up in the Marine Park area of Brooklyn. His older brother, Charlie, put him through law school. Charlie now lives on disability.

Jeff received his degree from Kings County Law School in downtown Brooklyn. It was there that he first encountered Alanna Wolff and became aware that sometimes supernatural beings need representation.

Following graduation, Jeff went to work in the small storefront office of Chase Hawkins, who later became a big-time Manhattan attorney (and for a while dated Alanna Wolff). After a chance meeting with Alanna Wolff, Jeff agreed to join her practice as a partner.

Jeff's romantic interests have included Kim Curtis, a co-worker in Chase Hawkins's firm who is now married and has haunted house troubles; supermodel Dawn DeVine, who had a little problem with a weight-related spell; and Harriet Beryl, head attorney for New York's consumer affairs department.

Jeff lives alone in an apartment in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Back to the Cast Page
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