Supernatural Law

Monday, Thursday

Mavis Munro, self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Secretary," serves as Wolff & Byrd's office manager.

Hailing from Astoria, Queens, the twentysomething Mavis is the daughter of Rose and Gus Munro. She has a sister, Marla, who is married with two kids.

Mavis attended St. John's Prep in Queens, where she studied business.

Prior to joining the law firm, Mavis's only involvement with the supernatural was to hang out with her best friend, Bonnie Samuels, in the famous Machpelah Cemetery every Halloween to see whether Houdini would come back.

These days, macabre clients don't faze Mavis--but dealing with boyfriend problems, annoying relatives, and Brooklyn streets can be pretty scary! Back to the Cast Page
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