Supernatural Law

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Harriet Beryl

Harriet is president of the New York chapter of Associates of Portia* and head attorney for the city's consumer affairs department. Jeff Byrd met her at an AOP fundraiser, and before long she asked him out. They dated for several months, but Harriet became increasingly disturbed by Jeff's work interfering with their dates. Their relationship came to an end after Jeff muttered Dawn DeVine's name during an "intimate moment." On Jeff's side, it didn't help that Harriet held Alanna in disdain. You can read all about it in The Vampire Brat, And Other Tales of Supernatural Law.

*Associates of Portia is ?a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women-owned law firms. Like Shakespeare?s heroine Portia in The Merchant of Venice, the female attorneys go against the status quo and take their destiny in their own hands.? (From the AOP Charter) Back to the Cast Page

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