Supernatural Law

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Mary Lou Henderson

Reg Henderson thought he had gotten away with murder when he was acquitted of homicide in the death of his wife, Mary Lou. What he didn't count on was Mary Lou coming back from the dead and trying to ruin everything. Since Reg couldn't be tried again in criminal court, Mary Lou hired Wolff & Byrd to bring a civil suit against Reg for wrongful death.

When the suit comes to trial, the cadaverous Mary Lou has a hard time controlling her urges in the courtroom. Her desire for revenge leads to outbursts and actual physical attacks on Reg that lead to strong reprimands from the judge.

Meanwhile, the philandering Reg becomes more and more unhinged as his current girlfriend abandons him, his ex-mistress spills all to Gracie Nantz on TrialTV, and Mary Lou intimidates him in the courtroom.

What's the outcome of the case? Find out for yourself by reading "My Husband Killed Me, Now He Must Pay . . . Damages!" (go to Installment 2 in the Table of Contents). Back to the Cast Page
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