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Dr, Colin Frankenstein

Dr. Colin Frankenstein

A descendant of the original Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, Colin von Frankenstein has set up his laboratory in a house he had shipped brick-by-brick from Transylvania to Lanchester County in upstate New York. With the help of hunchback assistant Eugene and using the secret family formulas, he has created his own "monster," Henry.

When Henry yearns for a mate, Dr. Frankenstein creates Freda. The two creations immediately bond, but they want to make their relationship official. Imagine their shock and disappointment when County Clerk Jeremy Hayes rejects their application for a marriage license, then has Freda arrested for possible public health violations.

Dr. Frankenstein calls in Wolff & Byrd, who work to get the distraught Freda out of jail (Henry is inconsolable!) and who file suit to force the county clerk to issue the license, a situation that puts the whole town into an uproar.

Does Freda get out of jail? Do the townspeople attack Castle Frankenstein with torches? What does the judge have to say about all this? Find out by reading "The Life-Partner of Frankenstein" (go to Installment 19 in the Table of Contents). Back to the Cast Page
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