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Erin Grace is the psuedonym of Victoria Scott, popular romance writer and Chihuahua breeder.  She was born on Lake Superior during a terrible tanker accident, and has never quite been the same since.  Victoria attended the Western Utah Institute of Pole Dancing, but dropped out her senior year because of a controversy that errupted among the faculty concerning her performance.  "She was all too good at what she did," an ex-professor of Victoria's said.  "She was poised to surpass us all."  After her "disgrace" at university, Victoria moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts to start life over as nun.  She curretnly lives in New England, North Dakota, with her fourty-nine Chihuahuas, Betsy, Pretty, Precious, Boopsy, Darling, Woof-woof, Fancy Paws, Little Lady, Jasmine, Little Mister, Antoinette, Fresco, LaLisa, Pink, Fluffy, Spot, Satin, Pretty Face, Lovely, Brandy Alexander, Evie, Manus, Caress, Affection, Touch, Love, Sparkle, Wonder, Twinkle, Wink, Silk Spectre, Night Howl, Barkschach, Dr. Doghattan, Comedian, Ramses, Faint, Breath, Sneezy, Vee, Valerie, Evey, Finch, Ecstacy, Rapture, Razzamatazz, Luscious, and Sparky.