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Leida Verri
An other wise surly brutally honest young woman. Works at "Thumbtack" Radio as an afternoon DJ alternately works the weekend late night shows. ... more
Ronan "Ronnie" Owen
Leida's best friend since high school, one of the few people who gets to suffer from her "full charm". Is well known for his bad run of shitty boyfriends. In actuality he is sweet and generous years of exposure from Leida makes him seem catty more often t ... more
Eric Quintin
The subject of Ronnie's 3 year crush, an overly nice guy who has taken to looking after him. ... more
Brendan Teagan
A bartender at "Bad habit", he suffered a bad break up a year ago and hasn't dated since. ... more
Supporting Cast: Dee Lovette Savannah Marks
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