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Swapmeet: God's Love is like a Conjoined Twin
$12 Bucks U.S (Plus postage and
Zoom In

Seller: Dean Rankine

LOCAL COMIC ARTIST MAKES IT BIG! That's what I'll be writing when I actually DO make it big. But in the meantime something very cool has happened. Brett Burner of Lamp Post Inc. has published my work in a 66 page FULL-FREAKING-COLOUR comic! 'God's Love is Like a Conjoined Twin', features classic stories like; Pants Free Frid'y, Hunger Strike at the 7 Eleven and Live Organ Transplants : In the Privacy of Your Own Backyard. In this (colour) comic I endeavour to tackle the BIG spiritual issues like is it okay to kiss dead goldfish or morally wrong to sell your kidney on the black market to raise funds for a comic book? And speaking of comics ...you could buy mine! Did I mention it's in colour? You can pick it up from Amazon for only $12 bucks U.S (But be careful they'll probably sting you for another $10 bucks or so for postage a handling.

Click here to buy at Amazon.



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