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Swapmeet: Wombat Tarot: Page of Wands
$10 plus $3.50 shipping
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Seller: Ursula Vernon

Can't get enough wombats? The comic strip "Digger" just isn't delivering a high enough dosage of charismatic marsupial? Well, how about a print from Ursula Vernon's ongoing project, "The Wombat Tarot"! These signed 8 x 10 prints are on archival matte heavyweight each feature a card from the Major or Minor Arcana, as enacted by wombats. Featured is the Page of Wands, a personal favorite of mine. Great gifts for the person who likes Tarot, or wombats, or just has a well developed sense of irony. (Shipping listed is for the U.S., may be slightly higher internationally. Please e-mail for a quote before ordering.)

Please drop me an e-mail if you're sending a check or money order--I can often combine shipping for multiple orders.

Ursula Vernon
734 Branniff Dr
Cary, NC



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