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Swapmeet: TUPELO - The World's Forgotten Boy
$17 (plus $8 S&H (from UK))

Seller: Phil Elliott

$17 (plus $8 S&H (from UK)......This 144-page book collects together the 4-issue mini-series written by Matt Degennaro with art by Phil Elliott...... Includes 5-track CD of rare Famous Monsters music!..... In 1977 NYC?s Famous Monsters burned up Greenwich Village with their own dangerous brand of rock ?n roll. Hammering out caustic three-chord anthems in dives across the city, the band gave voice to a sonic revolution. Their rag-tag guitarist/songwriter went by the name of Captain Tupelo..... "The Best Mini-Series Of The Year." Chris Allen ? moviepoopshoot.com "?. One of the best independent books being published today" Hale Fialkov-BrokenFrontier.com



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