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Swapmeet: Mortal Coils: Bodylines trade paperback
approx. $16.95 (minus Amazon dis

Seller: A. David Lewis

Mortal Coils: Bodylines marks the first trade paperback collection of A. David Lewis' dark suspense comic series. Bodylines features ten fresh art talents, three all-new tales, seven retouched stories, interviews, annotations, a Foreword by Mark Waid (JLA, Fantastic Four), a 16-page color section, and sketches from artists including Mark Wheatley, Bill Reinhold, Sean Wang, Joanne Mutch, and Scott Dalrymple. This edition brings together the first sold-out issue, the following critically-acclaimed installments, the exclusive color supplement, and the new, three-part arc - each telling just one harrowing story in a world where nothing can be taken for granted... not even one's own existence.

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