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Swapmeet: Manga Mover
?4 in UK, $5.99 in US
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Seller: Sean Michael Wilson

Manga mover will showcase new manga ka to a western audience. This will be a distinctive effort in comparison to many manga translations as most of these creators will be new and upcoming manga ka, who are unknown in the west. The stories will be mature level, some with an intelligent mainstream flavour, others being more alternative in approach. The book is split into two sections, with two stories being read in western format from the front and two in Japanese format from the back - meeting in the middle. One of these Western format stories will normally be by non Japanese creators. Features SAKURA MIZUKI, of recent hot Manga ?The Spiral' and MISAKO ROCKS of 'The Onion' newspaper.

Check the website for more:

Sean Michael Wilson
60a Lansdowne Road
Bromley, Kent



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