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Swapmeet: Nothing Left to Lose
Only $6.99! (plus $3.50 S&H)
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Seller: Water Media | Refreshingcontent.com

? 216 page graphic novel for only $6.99! ? Original sketch included FREE with each order ? Welcome to Sunny Elms, a refuge for those in need of permanent psychiatric counseling. Joe had his first day with us today. He signed the standard admission papers, took the usual tour, and finally, woke up to see the end of the world. Or maybe he didn't. You see, Joe can't seem to figure out if his visions are predictions of the future or the result of mental illness. But he is part of Sunny Elms now. The choice is no longer his to make. He'll meet friends here. And enemies. He'll escape. Or die trying. But either way it doesn't really matter to him. All he wants is to live a normal life.?



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