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Swapmeet: Eye Witness: A Fictional Tale of Absolute Truth
$13.99 + FREE SHIP'G till Jan. 1
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Seller: robert luedke

By: Robert Luedke 96 pg-full color A modern tale tale of mystery, intrigue and spiritual awakening, which wraps around a very unique telling of the last week in the life of Jesus. The story revolves around the discovery of a never before seen chronicle of this event, by an objective observer. Will it dismiss or confirm the Gospel accounts? Only forensic archeologist Dr. Terry Harper has the key to unlocking this mystery, and sharing it may cost him his life! "The pacing and dialogue are pro-class.? Jeffrey Weiss Dallas Morning News "It's in an anima style that kids will like. More young people will pick this up than a Bible." Dr. Jim Wicker Prof./ SW Theological Seminary

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robert luedke
2201 Long Prairie Rd. #107-770
Flower Mound, TX



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