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Swapmeet: No Justice/No Piece set(#1 & 2)
$5.00 per set, plus shipping

Seller: robert luedke

Anthology collection of tales of injustice, that range from the humorous, to the tragic to the frustrating. This collection of "comic-greatness", was designed as a fundraising vehicle for the CBLDF. Contributors include: Brian Stelfreeze, Charles Vess, Robert Luedke, Shannon Wheeler, Trevor Scott, Shon Bury, Robin Riggs, Len Strazewski, Paul Smith, Amanda Conner, Warren Ellis, Brian Wood, Mike Lagocki, Jeff Marriotte, Mike Baron, Janet Hetherington and many more! Each issue: 48 pg/ blk-wht anthology style.

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If you do not have a paypal account or a credit or debit card, send a money order for $9.00, (includes $4 shipping charge).

robert luedke
2201 Long Prairie Rd. #107-770
Flower Mound, TX



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