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Swapmeet: Tickling A Dead Man: Stories About George #1
$2.50 plus $1.00 S&H (USA)
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Seller: Robert Elrod

Tickling A Dead Man: Stories About George introduces us to a bizarre world of paranoia and ghouls, home to a cowardly man with an unfortunate bladder control problem. His world is populated by his demons ? demons bent on tormenting him at every turn. George is a dreamer trapped in his nightmares, awakening only to find himself fumbling through the next hilarious and disturbing episode. Contains "Re:Cycle", "Under There" and "Maw". "In Tickling A Dead Man Robert creates the embodiment of that scared child inside of you, then punishes him unmercifully." --Josh Divine, Trashola Comics

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Robert Elrod
17038 Vineland Drive
Parker, CO



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