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Swapmeet: City Comix #1 Falafel Fall-Out
$3.50 plus $1 S/H
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Seller: Gavin Spielman

Fallafel Fall-Out/City Comix #1 by Gavin Spielman. Back in college Gavin was in band that used to practice at his friend's place. One of the people who lived there borrowed Gavin's car one day, has an accident and doesn't seem to have been too interested in sorting things out. The book creates the atmosphere of untidy flats, dodgy car and smelly hippies very well, with very loose line illustrations that make the locations and characters seemed lived in. Gavin also makes good use of contrasting crosshatching to give texture to the pages, with some especially interesting full page panels. -Darren Schroeder/ Silver Bullet Comics

Buy books online at City Comix.

If interested in purchasing 'City Comix #1/Falafel Fall-Out' by mail -please enclose $3.50 + $1.00 S/H to: Gavin Spielman 129 1st Ave #2A New York, NY 10003



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