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Swapmeet: Untamed Highway #1
3.95 postage paid
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Seller: Noah Snodgrass

Untamed Highway is the story of Sydney Drake, an atomic age slacker who is forcibly inducted into a secret society that explores roadside attractions. His quest is to recover Adam the alligator boy. As the story begins, he shoots the owner of a tiki bar, drools over his sexy ex, and has a run-in with his old enemy Bananas, who has a gorilla mask stapled to his head. Untamed Highway is highly detailed in both story and art, and is influenced by Classic cartoons and comics creators such as Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Wolverton, Kurtzman, Don Martin, Big Dady Roth, Al Capp, Wally Wood, Jack Davis, Carl Barks, Will Eisner and John Stanley.

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Noah Snodgrass
p.o. box 246
Littlerock, CA



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