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Swapmeet: Operatic and Classical Music Scores (Sullivan, Cellier, etc)
As in description, plus postage.

Seller: Adam Cuerden

All scores are made by scanning very difficult to find, usually no longer published old bits of music. Available for Piano: Sullivan: Overture in C (?6) Victoria and Merrie England (?15) Vocal Scores: (?15 each) Sullivan: Beauty Stone Emerald Isle Sorcerer (First Edition, with original Act II opening, etc) Festival Te Deum (?8) Cellier: Dorothy Mountebanks (with W.S. Gilbert) Various other Victorian Operas available: Chu Chin Chow, The Geisha, The Quaker Girl, etc. Ask for details. Special deal: Get two scores bound in one binding, get ?3 off the cost.

Only Cheques and Money orders in British Pounds, please. Contact me at sheepish_shepherd@tiscali.co.uk for more information.

Adam Cuerden
7/3 Wheatfield Road
Edinburgh, Midlothian



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