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Swapmeet: RANDOM INK #1 Mini-comic
$2.00 USD (postage paid)
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Seller: Seth Wolfshorndl

By Seth Wolfshorndl & Elton Gahr
28 interior pages, no ads, Black/White, digest-sized
The FIRST ISSUE of a new ongoing comics anthology featuring five stories:

-"Bullets and Bedpans": What happens when anti-hero vigilantes get old? Not sure anyone is asking this question, but we answered it!

-"Leaf": The brief adventures of a falling leaf.

-"Dark Was the Night": The sad but true tale of blues legend Blind Willie Johnson, drawn on scratchboard.

-"The Last Martian": Not everyone is happy about the Mars Rover project...

-"Intervention": In this illustrated prose short story, a desperate man in a ruined future searches for a way to change the past. But will he find it before his own fate catches up to him?

CLICK HERE to buy this book at our on-line store!

Seth Wolfshorndl
2130 Willard Ave
Joplin, MO



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