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Swapmeet: Strange Attractors Book One: "Live-From the Future!"
$19.95 plus $3.00 shipping

Seller: Michael Cohen

Strange Attractors Book One: "Live-From the Future!" $19.95 This 370 page trade paperback reprints the first 15 issues of the retro science fiction series Strange Attractors by Michael Cohen & Mark Sherman. The comic won critical acclaim when it first appeared in 1993-1996. Strange Attractors is a humorous post-modern comic. Sophie, the curator of the vast Museum of Lost Things, becomes embroiled in an epoch spanning war between magic and science, in which the comics she loves are actually coded histories, and she s become a magnet for all sorts of cosmic weirdness. 370 Pages | Black & White TPB Here are some comments from the comic industry about Strange Attractors: "A book that just arrived out of nowhere and genuinely caught my attention . . . A real Spicy Space Stories favourite of mine: Strange Attractors... Opening an issue of Strange Attractors and starting to read it is comparable to walking in an environment that creates in us a pleasurable sensation at all levels." ? --Dave Sim Cerebus 183 ?". . . each issue is better than the previous one . . . Strange Attractors enchanted and delighted me--no easy feat!" ? --Diana Schutz, Editor in Chief Dark Horse Comics ?"Strange Attractors is that true rarity, an adult, amusing, multi-layered, graphic science fiction novel." --Norman Spinrad ?"This is not rave of the month stuff...Strange Attractors is rave of the year...Wow, what a story!" --cat yronwode CBG ?"In a barren desert of movie and tv science fiction comics Strange Attractors is a sparkling oasis of originality. In drawing their inspiration from the heyday of pulp science fiction and Planet Comics, Mark Sherman, Michael Cohen, Sophie, and Pirate Peg keep a 'sigh' in science fiction and the 'fun' in funny books" --Steve Bissette "Strange Attractors is a delectable book full of intrigue and adventure, dusted with self-discovery and romance. The storytelling is classic and charming. The art is lyric with clean lines and smooth curves. It's a good read, one readers owe to themselves to pickup up." ? --Cat Kouns ?Combo ?"I of course loved it. It's a kind of--what if Dan Decarlo had drawn Planet comics? The pages invited me to look at them." --Trina Robbins ?"A sweet and pungent postmodern nostalgia trip! Strange Attractors brings butterflies to my stomach." --Rick Veitch ?"Huge, spiraling space epic. What creators Michael Cohen and Mark Sherman have undertaken is massive, and what's more impressive is that they really deliver." --Overstreet Fan

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Michael Cohen
472 Main St.
Marlborough, NH



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