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Swapmeet: Antique White House #1 SATURNALIA (de-luxe version)
$ 13.01
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Seller: Diana Sasse

Beautiful, full colour book, 44 pages, 8.5 x 11.0 in. Perfect-bound. What would our world look like if the Middle Ages had never happened? President John F. Kennedy rules the United Territories of America, a world similar to our 19th Century full of horse-drawn carriages, sail boats, and magic. JFK follows the religion of his own ethnic roots: Irish-Celtic paganism. He's married to four women and two men. Yes, the lack of Christian expansion into the Western hemisphere means a whole different set of morals, ethics, and rules of conduct. Even so, Kennedy is as kind and caring as ever, so don't mistake this work for an anti-Kennedy parody. -> JFK and his family are invited the celebrate the Saturnalia holiday at the German emperor's Bavarian castle. But things go very, very wrong in this delightful adventure full of imagination and unexpected details. In 2003, the original German print version of this graphic novel was awarded the ICOM price for "best story".

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