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Swapmeet: Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun!
$15.99 plus postage/handling

Seller: Leonard Cachola

Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun! is the second Innies and Outties collection by Leonard M. Cachola and continues the adventures of Otis and Iris, a pair of fun-loving latchkey kids out to rule the world with charm, wit, and good humor. Join Otis and Iris as they go up against bullies, kissing superheroes, crazed inventors, and, of course, monsters with identity crises. It's a fun-filled book about big ambition, the inevitable disappointment, and, most importantly, friendship. Phooey! Evil Gets All the Fun! features more than 300 comic strips from the webcomic Innies and Outties. Included are 14 pages of extras including a sketch gallery, anecdotes, and other previously unpublished work. Also included is an introduction by Modern Tales' cartoonist Shaenon K. Garrity. Perfect bound with full-color front and back covers and black-and-white interior. Paperback: 148 pages Dimensions (in inches): 0.375 x 10 x 7 Publisher: Imprint Books Distributor: Global Book Publisher ISBN: 1-59457-159-7 November 2003

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