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Swapmeet: Saiko and Lavender Graphic Novel #1 - Collects issues 1-5
$15.00 (includes US shipping)

Seller: Diana Sprinkle & Michael Vega

Written and drawn by Diana Sprinkle and Michael Vega. 7x10, 120pg, b&w. Published by Radio Comix. --- Summary: Lavender, the purple cat girl, is the owner of a small magic potion shop with problems... many problems. Aside from her store being overrun by poisonous, pygmy elephants, the occasional alien abduction and the devil, a gaint magic magastore has decided to move in next door and crush her hopes of ever making another sell. Not to mention that her only employee and faster then the speed of light bunny, Saiko, has the attention span of a chickpea and a disturbing affection for Lavender's enchanted car.

Now Lavender must think fast before the over zealous ex-superhero health inspector shuts her shop down for good. Will Lavender save her store? Will Saiko marry Lavender's car? Where are the poisonous vermin coming from? What do gaint monsters and robots have to do with any of this... all this and more!!!

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