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Swapmeet: The Black Heart Irregulars #1: Black Hearts Can't Be Broken
$3.00 + $1.00 S/H (signed = $5.0
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Seller: Neil Hendrick

In an Iraq of the near future, as America?s presence becomes more and more entrenched, elements of American culture have started to seep into the urban landscape of Baghdad. In the green zone, a coffee shop, ubiquitous in the United States, opens up, declaring itself a beacon of change. The proprietor, portraying an image of the American 1950?s caters to a clientele of expatriot contractors, intelligence operatives, and an emerging clique of modern Iraqi youth who are looking beyond Iraq for cultural cues from the world at large. Maybe they just like the chocolate malts. Today, the door is locked, and the proprietor, the mysterious Mr. Fifty, is holding interviews for a very special job position: International Terrorist.

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Neil Hendrick
2704 Seaspray St.
Sarasota, FL



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