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Swapmeet: Black Heart Irregulars #2: Don't Stop at the Burka, Baby
$3.00 + $1.00 S/H
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Seller: Neil Hendrick

Second in a five issue arc, the Black Heart Irregulars get into terrible trouble, vist Abu Ghraib prison, flashback to Afganistan, and blow some stuff up, Big Time In their quest to recruit their own team of international terrorists, to strike fear into the hearts of Al Qaeda, The Black Hearts are not soldiers, not mercenaries, but freelance terrorists who give traditional terrorists something to fear. Their story takes place in a gritty modern landscape, where cultures clash on a battlefield that spans the globe. Artist Ulises Carpintero's illustrates Iraq and Afganistan with kinetic energy, and stark contrast, a brutal world under a merciless sun. Writer Neil Hendrick puts the Black Hearts on a dangerous and explosive road. Includes special features about the comic and about terrorism.
Plus, a special one page comic from Carol King of Bleushift Studio.

Buy it at the Blue King Studios website

Neil Hendrick
2704 Seaspray St.
Sarasota, FL



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