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Swapmeet: A Moment of Clarity Volume 1: The Big Boss on Level 10
$11.00 plus shipping & handling
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Seller: John Bintz

Join eleven-year old Johnny and his friends as they deal with the victories and defeats that every middle school kid experiences - bullies, romance, videogames, crazy teachers, and more. This all-ages graphic novel collects the first ten minicomic issues of A Moment of Clarity into one handy volume! 176 pages, black and white.

"Believable, funny, and full of realistic characters, 'A Moment of Clarity' is a wonderful reminder of a simpler time, but it doesn't let us forget the bumps and bruises that make life worth living." - Andy Runton, Owly

"...you can sense his excitement for creating these comics." - Shawn Hoke, Size Matters

"It only takes a second to realize that A Moment of Clarity is something special." - Duane Abel, Zed

"It's great to get stuff in the mail that I feel good about letting my young son read." - Jerry Smith, Miracle Force and Southern Fried

Read a preview and buy the book from Lulu, printed just for you!



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