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Swapmeet: Desert Peach #24 -- "Ups and Downs."
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Seller: Donna Barr

Both Rommel and the English are prevented from fighting in the region of the 469th's encampment by a deep wide rift. Neither of them can get a jump on the other, neither can surprise the other, simply because they can't get to each other over the rift. And then they hear about the bridge. Leutnant Winzig is the only man in the 469th with legs as long and stride as swift as the Peach's -- a fact that he will learn to rue. ************************************************************* "Donna Barr's flawless knowledge of military protocol, the historical setting around both of the 'great' wars, German culture, and (strangely enough) her profound insight into the soul of men (no matter how hard 'we' as men try to deny its existence) really make 'The Desert Peach' true masterpieces of the medium." ---- Chris Staros, The Staros Report.

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