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Swapmeet: Desert Peach #26 -- "Miki."
$12.50 ship & Handle
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Seller: Donna Barr

At the end of World War Two, Hauptmann Kjars Winzig and Sergeant Udo Schmidt are just trying to stay alive, and to keep their little squad alive. Mike is a refugee girl, who has desperately hooked up with Winzig as a lover and protector, as primates do when they are reduced to their most primitive and desperate condition. ********************************************************** "That's the haken crux, (that) each character in Pfirsich Rommel's battalion is just a soldier in the field; he might be a dog-face, fed, reb, tommy, poilu -- he happens to be a kraut. These guys are not political, nor even particularly patriotic -- they're regular bewildered zchlubs, trying to survive in a situation nobody would choose." - Daniel Pinkwater, Young Adult Novel.

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