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Swapmeet: The Desert Peach -- "Pithed."
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Seller: Donna Barr

Based on the long-running drawn-book series, The Desert Peach. "There's nothing innocent in Pithed. It is a nihilistic nightmare, a bad LSD-trip into human failure, guilt and resignation. The future, along with (the Desert Peach)Pfirisch's descendents, is portrayed as a climax of darkness and senselessness. A place with a destroyed nature, where pure air is dealt like drugs are today and where babies are sharp-toothed monsters. Evolution's response to centuries-long child-abuse! The Peach finds himself as a terrifying zombie in a bizarre hell. The Peach a doomed soul - who would have guessed? A self-made hell, because Pfirsich couldn't forgive himself for having once called the Gypsies 'those people.' And yes, Hell probably is always self-made. A place of one's own unforgiveness." -- Diana Sasse, "Tales of The Antique Whitehouse."

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