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Swapmeet: Gods & Undergrads Book 1
$13.50 (includes shipping)
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Seller: Monica Gallagher

Lelaina Pentheus is starting her second year at Troy University, and has decided to move on campus and away from home for the first time. Negotiating friends, classes, and crushes is scary enough for the shy sophomore in this coming of age tale. But when her quirks begin to have unusual and frightening effects, Lelaina is forced to confront her unknown past. Characters once lost to ancient mythology pay her a visit, threatening to undo the chasm between gods and mortals, modernity and antiquity, and nearly destroying Lelaina in the process. And just when she started finally making friends and pulling her grades up! This cross-genre series is one part slice-of-life and one part modern mythology. The digest-sized trade paperback collects the first three chapters of Gallagher's Web comic in full color. 152 pages, full color, digest size (5.25" x 8")



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