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Swapmeet: The Circle Weave: Apprentice To A God, Vol. I
$28.99 + shipping
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Seller: Indigo Kelleigh

Troubled times were they when the Gods walked among Men. It was an age of confusion, an age of unrest, an age of religious wars. This is a history of friends and enemies, of truth and deceit, of swords and secrets, of love and hate, of good and evil. This is the Circle Weave... The town of Maplehead fell under seige late one night by a mysterious and unstoppable dark army. Now it falls on young Rowan to race to the palace at Iscia to warn the King of this impending doom. Even with the help of his accidental companions, can Rowan evade the dark army and its powerful Mystic leader to deliver his message to the King? This full color volume presents the first 84 episodes of the weekly comic strip.

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