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Mojo Mechanics is high adventure sci-fi comedy at its finest. Appearing here is every Mojo Mechanics story ever made, in chronological order.

Mojo Mechanics

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Bippy the space hippo

Biptholomew Amphibius, aka Bippy, aka Bip: If Ajax tested out of The School of Hard Knocks, Bippy was practically the Principal. He?s done everything, been everything. He?s been a soldier, a sailor, a bodyguard, a salesman, a cabbie, a short-order cook. Bip became friends with Ajax because Ajax is too busy problem-solving to be mean, petty, bigoted or cruel. Bippy has seen a lot of people in his life and he hasn?t liked most of them. Ajax is the exception: a really decent person. Also, Bippy?s afraid that Ajax wouldn?t last five minutes out in the real world without somebody to look after him. Bip has decided to be that somebody. Unlike most sidekicks, Bip isn?t stupid or interfering. He doesn?t have the kind of genius for fixing things that Ajax does, but he has the experience and the endurance to protect his partner and provide a kind of reality check for his sometimes bizarre ideas. Back to the Cast Page

Mojo Mechanics first appeared in print in 1999. The series was a critical success and a financial disaster. The book garnered kind words from industry notables such as Mike Allred and Jhonen Vasquez, amongst others. The film and animation rights were optioned by Platinum Studios (Men In Black, Jeremiah) not long after the series debut and continues to linger in pre-pre-pre-production hell to this very day.

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