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Adam White and Matt Black are responsible for a number of notable comics endevours including their flagship Syndicate title, MOJO MECHANICS. Mojo Mechanics was optioned some years ago for film and animation by Platinum Studios, the licensing enterprise behind Men In Black and Jeremiah.

Adam White wrote the creator-centric anthology WHITE NOISE for to the delight of many a reader the world over. Adam has begun work on a follow-up project, CHINA WHITE, which will appear online in the not-too-distant future. Adam was also a consulting editor for the Image series REX MUNDI.

Matt Black created the Squiddy-award-winning webcomic GRAVERS which also ran for a time on He plans to bring GRAVERS: Season Two to the web before long. Matt has produced several other projects as well such as ZIPPER and COMIC STRIP. Matt has also provided freelance illustrations for several magazines, newspapers, and websites.