SEF went on hiatus September 16, 2005. Here's why.

People come here either because they like search engines, or because they like comics. This strip is designed to confuse both groups.

To sum up: a few cartoonists who eke out a decent living have been furiously debating the value of micropayments. And when they say "micropayments," they mean, specifically, "less than 26 cents for an online comic." Meanwhile, the multi-billion-dollar Google is inspiring a similar debate.

It seems to me that for us toony-types to declare micropayments don?t work, just because, so far, they don?t work for *us,* is similar to saying a new kind of burger will never sell, just because the Super-Duper Cow-Killer Burger isn?t selling at Uncle Bob's Barn o' Beef. Let's let McDonald's have a try, shall we?

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