SEF went on hiatus September 16, 2005. Here's why.

First in a three-part reprint series... more to come!

Second in a three-part reprint series... explanation Friday!

We try to be the policemen of the search engine world, but when we saw this promotion, our cold little lawmen's hearts melted. Vera Brosgol, y'see, is one of the new stars of the webcomics community, and the fact that Konfabulator hired her for ten pages is even cooler than what Konfabulator actually does (can YOU guess?).

Slightly less cool is the fact that one of the big kahunas of search is buyin' them out-- but this particular search giant has been a lot better about keeping its technical innovation going lately, so maybe this will all work out.

To discover where this story goes without spoilers, click here for Part Four, then click the numbers at the top.

Thanks to Vera for the reprint rights.

Brutal cynicism resumes Friday.

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