The strip is a little hard to follow, and for that I apologize.  That's what this blog is for, though.  For me to clarify.  Here's what basically happened:
  • Wendy's girl hands me bag of food. 
  • I pass it to Liv as is our custom.
  • Wendy's Girl:  mumble mumble mumble double stack?
  • (At the time I assumed she was telling me that she was waiting for the second double stack.  I hadn't looked in the bag yet... so I assumed  there was one missing.)
  • ME:  Okay.
  • WG:  mumble mumble mumble chicken nuggets...
  • ME:  (I thought she was confused and trying to confirm my order... so I just repeated the entire thing.)
  • WG: So there ain't nothing in that bag? (Sarcasm.)
  • ME:  *shrug*  (At the time I was confused and had no idea what the hell was going on.  Now I realize that she was asking if I was missing anything, and when I named off my entire order like there was nothing in the bag she JUST handed me, she firgured I was trying to pull one over on her. I guess she was fed up enough to just say 'fuck it' and gave me a bunch of free food instead of arguing with me.)
  • WG hands me another bag containing a dupe of our entire order.
  • Liv and I exchange a look of 'What just happened?
I have a real bad habit.  When someone mumbles and I can't understand them, I don't ask them to repeat themselves. I just try to guess what was said.  Sometimes it works... most of the time it doesn't.

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