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Updating every Wednesday starting August 1, 2007. *** Free Archives! ***

New Strips daily (Mon - Fri) at WWW.ROWDY.COM

A tale of Heroic Fantasy in a bygone era!

Completed... for now.* Free! *

Art, Pin-Ups, and Commissions by Craig A. Taillefer.

Updates Fridays. * Free! *

The short graphic fiction of Craig A. Taillefer.

Updates Mondays. * Free! *

The daily life of a family raising an autistic child

Weekdays by Robert Tinnell & Craig Taillefer. * Free! *

The Turning

A dying tree's suffering leads Alicia (Wahoo Morris' enigmatic lead singer) on a journey of self discovery.

Completed. * Free! *

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Craig is the Harvey Award nominated artist of The Chelation Kid, and writer/ artist/ creator of the critically acclaimed independent comic book Wahoo Morris and the sword & sorcery series Sîan. ... full profile

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