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Kate Lenz
On track for an exciting career in drug interdiction in the Coast Guard, Kate Lenz slips over the side and into a channel market, practically paralyzing her. She is discovered by the Agency's talent scout, connected with Dr. Annie Lender, and recruited a ... more
Dr. Anne (Annie) Lender
It is Annie who performs the minor miracles which enhance and augment the natural abilities of the recruits, making them more than a match for their counterparts in local, national, international, world-wide, and even interplanetary espionage. She does ... more
Rod James
Rod James always wanted to be a cop, so when he got the chance at age 22, he dove right in. Graduating the Academy at the top of his class, he soon found himself on the street in a blue uniform wondering what it was he thought he was thinking. After awh ... more
Kristin Clarke
Born in the UK, Kristin brings both brains & brawn to the Tomorrow Girl Agency. Skilled in linguistics, she can speak most alien languages in the known universe, and can handle a gun as well as anyone. ... more
Evil Deirdre can't remember having a last name. She doesn't remember anything before waking up in Nebraska being chased by bots. ... more
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Marc has spent 25 years in the live entertainment industry. He became interested in comics in 6th grade, but he couldn't draw. With the advent of computer graphic programs, he's giving it a go after 5 years of trial & error (mostly error). ... full profile