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Kate Lenz

Katherine Lenz was born and raised in San Diego, California. She, her parents, and her younger sister shared a 1940ââ¬â„¢s vintage bungalow in the Cityââ¬â„¢s working-cum-middle-class west-side, far enough from the water that the summers were very hot.

Her father, a retired Navy Seal, and who made no secret that heââ¬â„¢d wished that at least one of his children had been a boy, taught them both the basics of self defense, and a very great deal about handguns, rifles, shotgunsââ¬"the entire range of projectile weapons available (legally, and illegally) to civilians in California.

Kate developed a (some would say unhealthy) interest in the handy gadgets her Dad stored in the nooks and crannies around the house and garage, and instead of playing tennis, or mall-cruising, she would go down to the gun range, and out into the hills to see how many bottles, cans, and paper targets she could zing, how often, and how fast.

At the age of 18, Kate was termed ââ¬Å"a prodigyââ¬ï¿½ at the Coast Guard Academy where she planned a career in water-borne drug interdiction, and the control of other contraband. She was headed to the special weapons school when she stepped off the side of a speeding harbor patrol boat and collided with a channel marker. The accident might have killed her if sheââ¬â„¢d landed just a little further left of the impact point, but instead it put her in hospital for six months, and earned her a medical instead.

A nasty limp, and fused vertebrae gave her the silouette of something akin to Richard III, and eliminated from her future any chance of a career in law enforcement, or the military. Instead, Kate enrolled in the community college, and was looking forward to a promising career as a dental assistant where she met Alexi who shared a basic biology class with her.

He told her he knew a very talented surgeon who he thought could help her, and while Kate was skeptical, she ached for a chance to make her job an adventure so she kept an appointment with Dr. Lender. Within a year she was unable to discern any physical difference between pre-channel-marker Kate, and post surgical Kate. And after that, Alexi gave her the recruitment speech and the facility tour. Sheââ¬â„¢s been a Tomorrow Girl ever since. Back to the Cast Page
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