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Dr. Anne (Annie) Lender

Itââ¬â„¢s safe to say that without Annie Lender, there would BE no Tomorrow Girls. She was herself the first Tomorrow Girl Agentââ¬"the transformation made possible by an off-world trip and a clandestine lab where the necessary libraries of medical knowledge, and surgical skills could be implanted in her already well-equipped brain.

Dr. Lender chose to undergo the procedures, and to join Lassiter, and Chin as a charter member of the Agency in return for saving her life, and that of her niece. It didnââ¬â„¢t hurt that they would in a matter of hours, transform her from a talented clinician, researcher, and teacher, into a unparalleled but relatively obscure expert, and surgeon.

It is Annie who performs the minor miracles which enhance and augment the natural abilities of the recruits, making them more than a match for their counterparts in local, national, international, world-wide, and even interplanetary espionage.

She does this with Sillacion technologies, which she capably place throughout the recruitââ¬â„¢s anatomy in order to heighten senses, speed-up processes, increase micro-electric bandwidth, hyper-sensitize synaptic receptors, and alter organic structures and purposes.

The result is an agent who can run faster, leap higher, think deeper, recall more clearly, fight more effectively, store more, and even breathe exotic atmospheres and substances.

For Jan, as an example, Annie was able to implant the knowledge and necessary skills to pilot any aircraft without study, including orbital, and suborbital terrestrial models (military and civilian). But that was just the appetizer. Within a year, Jan was able to master hyperspace navigation theory and practice so that she could fly interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft with the same skills as those born to them.

For Nita, Annie was able to advance her sight, hearing and dexterity so that she could break into safes, and avoid alarms and traps. More than that, Nita acquired in this way, the entire catalogue of knowledge of locks, safes, alarms, traps, and evasion. Annie was also able to chemically alter Nitaââ¬â„¢s system to permit nerve, muscle and sinue to develop expanded capabilities which allow her to move silently, and with great speed. Nita is now therefore, in possession of the ideal biological/physical makeup to be the best thief in the world, and Nita canââ¬â„¢t find anyone who would tell her she wasnââ¬â„¢t.

For Suzanne, Annie implanted all known strategy and military history for all peoples and cultures in the known universe, making her an unparalleled strategist. This she did after first providing Suzanne with a replacement prosthetic arm with amazing capabilities available only from the engineers on a planet near the Sillacion system. The custom-made prosthetic allows Suzanne to function exactly as if sheââ¬â„¢d never lost the arm in the military helicopter accident she experienced some years ago, and so much more.

Annie has not left earth since her one and only trip off-world. Sheââ¬â„¢s the only agent who is married to another, and who has children of her own. As a matter of policy, one cannot be married, AND be a Field Agent. Steve Chin has never made an exception to that policy, and he says he never will. As a result, Annie spends the majority of her time in her cover-identity as an emergency room attending physician for Pacific City Hospital. Back to the Cast Page
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