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Rod James

Rod James always wanted to be a cop from the time he read his first pulp detective novel in his early teens, until he finished college, Rod longed for the action and adventure that a career in law enforcement seemed to offer. So when he got the chance to attend the Pacific City Police Academy at age 22, he dove right in. Graduating at the head of his class, he soon found himself on the street in the blue uniform wondering what he had been thinking. An adrenaline junkie, Rod found the routine police-work making up 80% of his typical day a soul-deadening experience. And once he made it out of the squad car and into the detective ranks, he discovered the crushing weight of politics and bureaucracy. No, busting his ass in the rank and file of the municipal police department wasn't going to work out for Rod after all.

Drawing on his experience in the department, his innate resourcefulness, his savings, and his rich study of detective fiction, Rod opened up his own private detective agency. With some early successes for a couple of well-paying clients, Rod tapped his old partner, Dwight Jones and the two of them somehow found enough paying work to keep the lights on in the office, and gas in the tank.

And then the weird stuff started to happen. The odd comings and goings of the unseenââ¬"barely detectable but if he looked at things from just a slightly different angle, or came at a problem from a slightly different direction, things would stop adding up, or defy complete resolution. Stuff like the strange thefts from odd places, or intellectual property from high tech firms. A perpetrator who worked with ultimate finesse but who would seemingly vanish into the air with no trace, only to surface again weeks or months later. Footprints that would end suddenly in the box canyons of Pacific City's downtown, or at cargo container in the warehouse district. Very strange indeed, and while there was always the chance that his clients would tire of his inability to solve such high profile cases, there never seemed to be an end to the job security offered by the routine activities of Pacific City's shadier residents.

But it wasn't long before Rod began bumping into the competition in the form of Kristin, Kate and the other Tomorrow Girl agents. And while such encounters were usually pleasant enough, and certainly distracting enough, he couldn't help feeling that he couldn't figure out how to beat this well-resourced bunch of women, he was going to have to close the office, or move--neither of which did he find all that appealing. Back to the Cast Page
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